Well, the White family is officially heading to Vegas this weekend! Here is our list of Vegas essentials! PLEASE let us know if we missed anything or if there is anything we must see or do!!

1. The Casual Vacancy. Gotta have a good read for the plane!

2. Essie ‘Good as Gold’. Think it. Live it.

3. ‘Chance’ by Chanel. Fitting.

4. Sequin Clutch. Gotta have a place to store all my winnings!

5. Sunglasses. Before. During. After.

6. Stellar Pumps. Now these call for a night out on the town.

7. Red Lipstick. I mean, like mother like daughter. Especially in Vegas.

8. Blueprint Juice Cleanse…To help Monday’s recovery go just a bit smoother!

See you all on the other side (hopefully in one piece with a little more money in that cute sequin clutch)!