Claire is 5 Months!


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Well, this is just about in time for her to turn 6 months, but better late than never right?  I seriously cannot believe that she is almost halfway to a year.  We have mostly got this little chickadee figured out.  It only involves a steady regimen of gripe water, acid reflux meds, gas drops, soy formula, and lots of bouncing and cuddles.  BUT this month we started solids (we got the ok from the pediatrician to start early!) and it is really the only thing that seems to settle her with any real consistency.  YAY!!!  She loves peas, corn, and green beans!  She has also started sitting upright on her own which has helped with the acid reflux I think!  She now sleeps from about 7:30 (we lay her down awake) until about 3.  She eats and then goes back to sleep until we have to wake her around 6.  This is a drastic and I mean DRASTIC improvement from the last four months.  We’re talking up every 20 minutes or less all night long for about 4 weeks in a row.

All the lack of sleep aside, this girly is the best cuddler ever.  Some nights believe it or not, I would jump out of bed because I couldn’t wait to cuddle her.  She calmed almost immediately when I went in to get her.  Her and I have super bonded and I pretty much live to see her one little cheek dimple.

She plays and is pretty independent now that she sits up.  She loves to watch her big sister and will let you know pretty much immediately when she is happy or mad.

Claire, you keep us busy, but boy we wouldn’t have it any other way!
We love you!
And in case you want to compare–here’s E at Five Months!


Lessons at Goldfish Swim School {5}!


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Oh my gosh you guys.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen that we’ve picked up Monday night swim lessons.  We loved our Saturday slot, but life gets in the way and we just couldn’t make weekends happen anymore.  BUT.  The best part about Goldfish is that they are literally the nicest about canceling.  Trust me, I know.  Between having a newborn and a wily toddler, taking on a new position at school, and the busyness of fall, I have made more than my fair share of “we aren’t going to make it today” phone calls to Goldfish.  The best part is that all you have to do is call, even one minute before your lesson starts and cancel if you cannot make it.  Once the lesson passes, you get a credit for a makeup.  You can then use that makeup for another class or for family swim time!  And they are seriously so nice and answer on like the second ring.

Since the last lesson, E has picked up quite the vocabulary.  She now says 2-3 word sentences and we are loving all she has to say about the “poo”.  But, I’m also very glad that I am behind the glass while she’s chatting to the instructors about how “dad in poo”.  So awkward, that toddler language.  She loves her time in the pool and we now have a hard time getting her out, which is a far cry from her first lesson (she’s so little!).

I just love how far she has come from 13 months to 22 months at Goldfish.  She freely goes to the instructor, splashes said instructor when it is absolutely not appropriate, refuses to go on her back, plops up on the ledge, readily jumps back in, and just giggles the whole time.
I’d say that’s a pretty solid way to spend a Monday night.  Now, we just need to get sissy started!!


Soothing with Desitin!


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Happy Friday, friends!  This week has been a little rough for this family.  E has a stomach bug and Claire might have the same?  Or teeth?  Hard to tell when they are this little!  But one thing is for sure…they are both in need of a little relief in the diaper area.  We started using Desitin Rapid Relief Cream as soon as the girls started getting sick this week.  It made a huge difference.  Slather it on thick and at every diaper change, especially when the kiddos start to get sick!

Does anyone else use this cream?  What other remedies do you have to help soothe the little ones when they are upset?  For more information on the Rapid Relief Cream and how to prevent a diaper rash, visit here!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Claire is Four Months!


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Claire is four months!  I actually took these photos only about 4 days late, but this post is almost two weeks late.   Sorry about that Claire!  We are in the middle of an intense sleep regression/teething situation.  She’s never been a great napper/sleeper, but this is really putting that into a whole new perspective.  She really really really loves her mama and is pretty much only calm in my arms.  She also loves to lay in a warm bath, watch her sissy, and has just recently started loving grabbing for objects.  She has rolled from front to back and is almost rolling from back to front.

She is still taking gripe water in her bottles which has really helped up until this little regression we are going through.  But let me tell you, those big ol’ smiles she flashes make it all worth it.

We love you, Claire!
…and here’s E at four months!

A Fall Day with Cuddl Duds!


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There is literally nothing my family loves more than a great day at the zoo.  With my sister in town this week, it was one of the first things we decided to jet out and do.  Saturday was the most perfect fall day- 70 degrees, sun shining, and the leaves were every shade of yellow and red.

With the cool, fall days arriving, layers are a must. These cuddl dud pieces have been a life saver for me with the change in weather! Low key, great layers, and perfect for day-to-night transitions. I wore this long-sleeved light shirt with the gray sweater to the zoo (perfect layers!) and cozied up in the flannel pants as soon as we got home.  The shirt is especially great for layering because you can easily slide a sweater over it without it feeling baggy or getting caught under the sweater.  Then, when you shed the sweater, it still feels like a standalone piece. What’s the best way to end a great day at the zoo? Popcorn, Halloween pjs, Hocus Pocus, and snuggles. Add Aunt Nennie into the picture and it’s the perfect fall day.

To browse Cuddl’s amazing selection at BonTon click here!

Hope all of you are out enjoying this fall weather!