Halloween Treats!


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I return from my hiatus for a VERY important post!  It’s fall y’all!!! And that means one thing in this house—it’s halloween season!! It’s my very favorite holiday.  So, today I’m rounding up goodies we’ve scored to celebrate this glorious season!

Halloween Pajamas

Boo Balloon

How to Make Friends with a Ghost

Meri Meri Halloween Hairclips

They All Saw a Cat

Cat Lip Balm


Gilbert the Ghost

Pumpkin Lights

Bat Trick or Treat Tote

Trick or Treat Pumpkin

No Such Thing

Halloween Cookie Cutter Set

What goodies have you all snagged for the upcoming holiday?? I cannot wait!!

Hope you’re having a great first weekend of fall!


A Local Adventure: Scioto Audubon Park!


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Good morning!  Wanted to hop on this week to share with you a fun little local spot that we kind of just happened upon last weekend!  I’ve been to Scioto Audubon with my middle school students on a field trip (which they loved!), but I got a new perspective going with toddlers!

We were there for almost two hours and could have stayed for much longer!  Things for toddlers outside: trails, playground with music player (can be used as a coordinated dance things for older kids), gardens, and ponds.  But the great thing for this summer is the indoor activities at their nature center!  Every Thursday and Saturday at 10 they have a storytime, followed by a little showing of the turtles and snakes.  For older kids, you can bring your own equipment for the rock climbing wall or head down to the obstacle course.  They also have a water tower that you can go up and overlook the park!

This was also one of the mannnnnnny times we have been immensely thankful for our Double Stroller (which I did a full review of here, but had no idea how much we would use and how many comments we get about it!)  It is just perfect for zipping around–double strollers can get bulky and overwhelming, but this one is slim and can fit on trails without being obnoxious.

What should we do next?!  We have two weekends of stuff planned, but we have the whole summer ahead and are looking for ideas!!  I LOVE SUMMER!!

Hope you all have a great week!

Claire is Twelve Months!


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Our little baby is TWELVE MONTHS!!  It has been quite the year!  We have adjusted to life with two, battled a little sleep deprivation, but most importantly seen how much your heart can grow in such a short period of time.
This little sweet pea is all over the place now that she can walk/run and is into everything.  She loves to run around behind E, taking everything sneakily.  She’s into the babies now, stroller, accessories and all.  These two sisters are going to keep us busy!

She is still taking one, two-hour nap and sleeping 11-12 hours a night.  LOVES the bink–one for her mouth and two for her hands.  Gonna be hard to break, just like E.  Here’s a look back on Establishing a Nighttime Routine! and how we’re using the Dockatot!

She weighs in at 24 pounds and is still eating a mixure of purees and solids.  The great news is she is off of bottles and is taking whole milk in a sippy cup!  Here’s a look back at our transition back to whole milk.

Overall, this little chick is just the sweetest with her scrunched up face (for all of the emotions)!

Here’s a look back at her first year!
One Month
Two Months
Three Months
Four Months
Five Months
Six Months
Seven Months
Eight Months
Nine Months
Ten Months
Eleven Months

Other exciting things: Fall Fun at the Zoo!Claire’s BaptismSpring Fun with Gerber Snacks, and heading to Memphis for Easter!

…and here’s a look at her First Birthday!

…and here’s a look at E at Twelve Months!

We love you Claire!!

Happy 1st Birthday Claire!


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Our baby girl is ONE!!  I’ll be doing a separate post on all of her stats and such like I do each month, but I just wanted to pop on and show you a couple of photos we had taken by Stacie at Adventures Await Photography and to share her first birthday fun!

For her birthday, we had a Taco ‘Bout a birthday theme and kept it pretty simple, but some of the main decor:
Taco Invite
UNO Cake Topper
Taco Strand (watch out, this requires SERIOUS DIY skills, super cute though)
Cactus String Lights
Cactus and Llama Banner
Cactus Plates and Napkins (Meri Meri has A TON of cute cactus decor)

Claire’s Birthday Outfit:
Latigo Leather Purse
Cactus Necklace
My Mamacita Shirt (Size WAYYYY up)

I also did a lengthy thing on Instagram about the girls’ baby books which I’ve highlighted and also how we use Chatbooks to document the girls!

And for her birthday, we got her just a few things, but the book I am most excited about is this book, When is My Birthday?, with two girls, I have a feeling this book will get a lot of use over the years!  My happy birthday coming soon???

If I forgot to link something, just let me know!  Stay tuned for the ONE YEAR update!!

We love you sweet C!

Claire is Eleven Months!


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CLAIRE!!! My baby!! This is almost it!  Only one more month to go!  I am so proud of this girl and the little person she is becoming!  She is changing every single day and has gone from a VERY colicky little nugget to a smiley, lovey, sleepy little girl!  We literally cannot get enough of her.  It is so fun being able to take both girls about town, to the zoo, and whatever else–this age is just so fun.  Claire has so much rounded out our family.  She is exactly what we needed.  She laughs at the best times, she’s a champ when it comes to sharing with E, and  she’s the calm in the midst of E and me.

She eats EVERYTHING all of the time.  There aren’t many points in the day where she isn’t eating.  She has purees 4 times a day, eats what we are eating, AND has her bottles.  For formula she takes whatever and is even sneaking in a little whole milk 🙂

She takes only one 2-3 hour nap a day and sleep 12 hours a night.  She loves her bink, but doesn’t wake a night for it.  She only had a few shaky nights as she popped out her top two teeth–now she has four!

The biggest milestone we hit this month is WALKING!  It is now her preferred method for getting around and she’s getting pretty fast!  She is in 12-18 month clothes, but I’m guessing she’ll start to thin out soon!

My most favorite thing about her is that she will just randomly come up and put her head on my shoulder or lap or leg.  Just cuddles up for a second then goes right back to playing.

We can’t wait for the big ONE!

…and here’s E at Eleven Months!