Claire is Seven Months!


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Well, Seven months is here!! It has been a whirlwind since Six Months with the holidays and Claire’s Baptism!  In the sleep department, we have seen some improvement, but sleeping through the night is still not a guarantee.  She either takes two short naps or one long midday nap.  If she sneaks in a little early evening nap because the timing is off from the other nap/s things might get a little hairy.  She is taking between 30-40 ounces a day PLUS solids.  She’s our eater for sure.  She’s almost 18 pounds, putting her in the 75th percentile.

She also LOVES to take a bath with big sister.  She is almost crawling so can scoot around pretty well in the bath.  I have feeling she is going to be like E and skip right to walking.  She really wants to crawl, but I think by the time she figures it out, she will also have figured out how to walk.  She pulls herself up almost to standing so for E walking was a pretty quick next step.  We shall see!

She is still on her acid reflux meds, but we do not plan on refilling it to see if she has outgrown it.  Claire is pretty hot and cold.  She will be happy as a lark, playing peacefully on her own for two hours and then bam, she loses it for the next hour.  So, we’ve blamed a couple of things, but I just think she knows what she wants, so it should be solved as soon as she can talk 🙂

Overall, I really can’t think of a sweeter babe.  When she’s fussy it is usually for a reason and she returns to her happy self.

Can’t believe we’re already over the hump to ONE YEAR!
We love you little C!

Here is E at Seven Months!


Claire’s Baptism!


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Here are just a few photos from a very special day for our girl.
We love you so very much sweet pea.

Each of our girls were baptized at six months.  Here is E’s special day!

Hope you all had a very happy holidays with your friends and families!
Stay tuned tomorrow for Claire’s 7 month update!



E is TWO!


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And just like that.  She’s two.  To the one who made me a mama, I hope you have the happiest of days.  I remember being so proud the day I had you.  I kept looking around thinking, is everyone seeing what I’m seeing??  This is one special girl.  And I’ve felt this same way every day since.  That smile and sass brings a whole lot of joy to this family and to the world.  Here’s to another year of YOU my sweet girl!

This Year’s Big Moments:
Starting Swim Lessons
Eating at Big Girl Table!
Moving to Her Girl Room!
Days out with Mommy!
AND Becoming a Big Sister!

Claire is Six Months!


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Ok, these just might be my favorite pictures ever!  She is such a little snuggle muffin!  And I mean snuggle muffin.  It is literally her most favorite thing to do.  There was a good run there where the only time she was at peace between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. was snug in my arms.  Which, when you are working full time is a little tricky, but gah she’s cute and she wasn’t too cranky unless you dared to try and put her back in her crib.  The last month was one big guessing game, as is par for the course around this time.  Not sure if she was teething, it was the acid reflux, or a mixture of the two, but I think we slept a grand total of 10 hours the whole month.

However, I am not lying when I say she is pretty much the sweetest.  During the day she is as happy as can be, until she’s tired and then sleep is just a bit tricky.  But even if she sneaks in a 20 minute nap, she’s good!
She’s on soy formula and solids three times a day–she’s shaping up to be our good eater!  We don’t go in for her 6 month until Dec. 18th so that we can take her at the same time as E’s two year so I’m not quite sure what she weighs, but she is smaller weight-wise than E was at this point, but I think she is longer?
She takes full baths with her big sister now and she actually plays and splashes E!

She can mostly scoot to where she wants to go and I have a feeling crawling and pulling herself up isn’t too far off!
Our dimply little girl is SIX MONTHS!!  We love you Claire!

For comparison sake, here is E at 6 Months!

Plus a look back at Claire
Claire is One Month!
Claire is Two Months!
Claire is Three Months!
Claire is Four Months!
Claire is Five Months!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

The Gift of Goldfish!


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Oh my goodness–how has it already been another four weeks of lessons at Goldfish?!  I am telling you, time is flying!!  Everytime I post an update, I look back at all of the old updates and I am just in awe of how much our little one has changed and grown over these last few months.
First lesson
Lessons at Goldfish Swim School {2}!
Lessons at Goldfish Swim School {3}!
Lessons at Goldfish Swim School {4}!
Lessons at Goldfish Swim School {5}!
That first lesson was absolutely terrifying.  I really thought I was going to die of embarrassment.  And now I see other littles at their first lesson and I salute to that mama in solidarity.  Most kids are just fine at their first lesson–I think it depends on a lot of factors; time of day, temperament of your kiddo, your uncomfortableness at being in a swimsuit in December, etc…
But truly, from screaming and only consoled by the demonstration baby to waving her little ribbon at me and saying “MAMA CHEEEEEEEESE!!!” because she wanted me to take her picture is probably one of my favorite milestones for her.  She was so proud and my heart just shattered into a million pieces.

Over the last two years, my favorite thing to do is get out and explore and do things with my kiddos.  I love seeing them experience new things, meeting people, getting out there and seeing what this world has in store for them.  This year for the holidays, I am hoping to snag up a few deals to get out and do this year.

This year, Goldfish is offering the gift of experience for a serious deal.  For only $205, you get everything listed below:

$193 Family Credit at Goldfish Swim School
2 Family Swim Passes at Goldfish Swim School
Bundlet from Nothing Bundt Cakes
2 Kids Meals from Texas Roadhouse – Polaris
2 Child Admission Passes to ZipZone Outdoor Adventures Kids Park
1 Large One-Topping Pizza from Jets Pizza
1 Jar of Pure Peanut Butter from Crazy Richard’s
1 Preview Class at Gymboree Play & Music
1Half Dozen Donuts from Duck Donuts
1- 5 oz cup from Menchie’s
2- 30 Minute Passes to Sky Zone
1 Child’s Nail Polish from Sweet & Sassy
1 Philly Sandwich from Charleys Philly Steaks
2 Ice Skate Rentals from The Chiller
1 Kids Meal from Matt The Miller’s Tavern
1 $50 Gift Certificate from Aaron Taylor Photography
3- Two Hour Play Passes to Recreations Outlet
2 Adult Admission Tickets to the Arnold SportsWorld Expo for Kids & Teens
1 Class at Barre3 in Powell
1 Attraction Pass to Magic Mountain Fun Center

The basket is sold for $205 and the value is well over $500, and it can be purchased at Goldfish Swim School in Dublin or Westerville.

What are some things you have given your kiddos that are more experience based vs. material gifts?  Any deals you know of in Columbus?  Like I said, we love to get out of the house!

Hope you are all having a great week!! Stay tuned for a SIX MONTH Claire update happening soon!!

*This post was sponsored by Goldfish, but all opinions, as always, are my own!