Claire is Two Months!


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Well, hello there!  Two months has FLOWN by!  We thought time went fast with E, but holy cow, life with two goes even faster.  Claire is growing quite rapidly, weighing in at 11 pounds 14 ounces.  She pretty much eats all day long, hating to be set down for even a second.  She hasn’t really figured out the beauty of a good nap.  BUT, she sleeps at night, so that’s a win!  She goes down about 9 p.m. and wakes up to eat between 5 and 6 a.m.  Now that I am back to work, I will get the girls ready then, but it was beautiful a few weeks ago when she would go right back to sleep until about 9 a.m., but then the day of no naps would begin.  So, we are hoping she starts a good nap schedule soon–our sitter is great at getting kids on a schedule.  Pretty much the best actually.
Claire loves to be bounced and if you do dare to sit her down, it better be in the Rock n Play with the vibration on.  She will also tolerate being set down in her warm bath.  She also likes when you make the sushing sound really loud while you bounce her.  She is just entering the smile/coo response stage which is seriously just the best.  Especially when the smile/coo is in response to something Eleanor is doing.  Speaking of Eleanor, phew, she loves this baby something fierce.  The only time Eleanor has ever cried when we do daycare drop off is when we left Claire there for her trial day and E and I left to go to Target (It’s a ritual–but with E I had to do it by myself and it was the WORST.  Glad I had a partner to cry into my chocolate croissant with this time!).

Also, the crying as soon as you set her down is making these little monthly update pictures REALLY difficult.  So I hope you like to see only one semi-happy picture and the rest crying.  Although, E pretty much hated these things too.

And if you’re into comparisons–here is E at two months!

We love you, Claire!

Hope you all had a great week!

Lessons at Goldfish Swim School {4}!


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Good afternoon!! Hope your weeks are off to a great start!! Today I am so excited to update you all on E’s progress at Goldfish Swim School!  Lessons have been a little spotty with the arrival of Claire and adjusting to life with two under two, but the second we walk into Goldfish, E’s eyes light up and she picks up right where she left off!  Swim lessons have truly become a way for E and daddy to bond while I hang out behind the glass with Claire.  They practice kicking and pulling to get ready for lessons–so sweet.

Her newest skills:
can kick her feet and pull her arms when asked
can climb out of the pool with a little nudge
go under water without freaking out
swims to instructor and back (HUGE)
not losing her mind when she spots me behind the glass or when I come in and watch her the last five minutes (also huge)

Activities she loves:
going after the balls with the floaty barbell and putting them in the bucket
highfiving on the way into lessons
people watching
getting on the floaty duck and immediately jabbing her fist into the eye
getting in the canoe (THE BEST)

Still working on:
floating on her back

To take a look back at how far she’s come:

SO little in that first lesson!!  I love seeing how far she’s come, scared and only consoled by a baby doll to giggling and loving her time in the water!  Thank you so much, Goldfish for helping her overcome so many fears!!

Has your little overcome any fears this summer?  Such a special thing to watch them blossom and practice with their new confidence!

To find a location near you, head here!
Have a great day!

*This post was written in partnership with Goldfish Swim School, but all opinions, as always, are my own!


12-18 Month Essentials!


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Good afternoon!  Hope all of your weeks are off to an excellent start!  E is now 18 months and her needs have totally changed so I thought it was high time I got around to doing a post about what she is loving/needing now!  The one thing that I have noticed, is that our “needs” are fewer and it’s becoming more of a what she “wants” and/or enjoys for longer than 6 seconds.


  1. We have moved her out of her enclosed tub (that was really just a bucket) and she is in the full bath now.  Dude, bathtubs are slick and toddlers have no concept of taking it easy.  After one tub-free bath session, I had to go get a bath mat.  Just make sure you let it air dry suction side up every once in awhile because it does get mildewy underneath!
  2. I found this bath fingerpaint in the dollar section at Target, or at least something similar and E loves it!
  3. In addition to these toys that she still loves, we have thrown in cups and bowls that she can fill and dump.


  1. We’ve moved into the possible potty training phase of life.  I will probably do a full post on this as we get closer, but for now, the only thing we have done besides couponing for pull ups, is set a potty chair in the bathroom.  She doesn’t really like sitting on it without her diaper yet, but we encourage her to just sit on it when we go too, get comfortable with it, etc…


  1. She still loves everything I mentioned in the 6-12 months post including babies, blankets, buckets, etc…
  2. One magic item I have found are pom pomscups, and spoons.  When I need just like five minutes to breathe or drink my now cold coffee, I pull this activity out.  It will keep her busy for I kid you not, like 30 minutes.  She just fills up all the cups with a spoon (I demonstrate) and then dumps from cup to cup and then does it all again.  As she gets a little older, I am hoping she still loves it and it can become a sorting activity with all the colors!  Although my child blessedly is not obsessed with putting everything in her mouth, I do monitor this activity because the poms are on the smaller side…they may sell bigger ones?
  3. I gotta give a shout out to my mom for giving E this doll.  She can go in the bath and then when she is dry can function like any other baby/doll!  And she is so stinking cute!!
  4.  Purses.  She loves carrying a fake cell phone, keys, and her purse, waving and saying “bye”.  Wonder where she learned that??  Also, you have not seen a fight until you have watched two toddlers fight over a purse.  Gah, so awkward.  Always bring your own purse and baby doll to a playdate.  Always.
  5. ALL THE STICKERS.  You must always have stickers in your diaper bag when you go out.  MUST.
  6. She is finally getting into reading.  Before now, she really wouldn’t sit still for more than a touch and feel book.  I feel like she is just now getting to the point of understanding the elements of the story/remembering what is on each page.  Right now she loves Planes Go! and Hooray for Hat!
  7. I’ll go ahead and throw clothes on here again too because they often serve as entertainment.  She now can put on her own rainboots which is HUGE in the parenting of a toddler world.
  8. I might do a whole separate post on this, but big Items that are good for a birthday wishlist: Play Kitchen (we still need to get E one…she is obsessed), Tent (great for storing toys out of sight), Car, and water table (could fill with pom poms during the winter!)


  1.  E no longer sleeps in a crib and if you feel like your kiddo is ready to transition I did a whole post on E’s transition to her big girl room and also a post on how we did Toddler Sleep Transition.  We love her Dockatot!  I also did a post on Establishing a Nighttime Routine!


  1. I wrote a whole post on Toddler Eating and some of our tips/tricks.  This age is all about control.
  2. E pretty much eats only what we eat now…no more just “baby/toddler” foods like puffs.  The one thing we do still give her are pouches.   Great for on the go, but also a great source of nutritious foods that she won’t necessarily get otherwise.  Especially when she was teething and wasn’t super into food, pouches were a lifesaver!
  3. We also love these sippy cups.  The spout makes for a great transition cup.  It was the first sippy cup E would take!
  4. E has also pretty much outgrown her beloved high chair which does transition into a toddler chair!  She likes her freedom when eating now and so we put her at a table with chairs!
  5. We take E to a sitter and we have to provide meals so we use this lunchbox and backpack to pack for her days there.  This fall, she will start helping us pack and unpack as a part of her chores/things that she can do to help–and let me tell ya, she LOVES to help.

To take a look back, here are the essentials from 0-3 months3-6 months, and 6-12 months!

We just adore this age.  They are so fun and really are becoming their own little selves.  What do/did your littles love at this age??  What should we prepare ourselves for in the next bracket??

Hope you all have a great day!

Claire is One Month!


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Our littlest sweet pea turned one month this week!  Although I’m not really sure when I am supposed to do this when she was born on the 31st?  It’ll end up just being the perfect excuse to be late every month!  We are settling into a semi-eating/sleeping routine, even though both are still very much on demand.  She sleeps in 3-6 hour stretches at night from about 10 pm-8 am, but hasn’t really quite figured out the extended daytime naps.  She loves laying in the bath, but the washing part, not so much.  She loves E’s attention most of the time and we have gotten lots of smiles already!  We honestly couldn’t have dreamt up a better addition to our family.  She’s really swept us all up into her tiny little 10 pounds 3 ounce self.  We love you, Claire!

And in case you are interested in comparing our two littles from month to month here is E at one month!

Milestone Cards/XO Blanket

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift!


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Good morning!!  Today, I am so excited to be partnering up with Nakturnal to share my go-to gift ideas for the mama to be’s in your life!  They have so many unique, handmade gifts at every price point while still giving the feel of a luxury gift.  When putting together a baby shower gift, I love to compile a couple of things (yes, I am usually the one that strays from the registry…especially if I know the mama well) that I love!  I find it helps unite in the name of motherhood, connect over products that worked for us, even before I was a mama myself.  After all, it takes a village!

I like to give something from each of the following categories:

A product you love
1. Fels-Naptha Laundry Soap Miracle soap, I tell you.  Run hot water, scour with this soap and then let it soak.  You will never know poopacalypse ever happened in the middle of a restaurant when you forgot another onesie, except for the scar it leaves on your soul.
2. A pack of your favorite wipes  These wipes are real soft, y’all.  Real soft.
3. Healing Balm As I’ve mentioned here, here, and here, I slather this balm on everything.  Cradle cap, scratches, mosquito bites, everything.
4. Best soap for washing bottles.  I buy it for everyone having a baby.

A little something your baby loves
5. A favorite Bink
6. A Favorite Book
7. A Favorite Toy (now through July 4th 20% off with code ‘Indep20off’)

A Keepsake
8. Freshly Picked Moccasins  I will never have enough good things to say about these shoes.  I LOVE that I have E’s footprints forever.
9. Every child has a blanket that they have and keep forever.  This one is handmade and actually a really good deal for the quality and style that will really last a lifetime! (20% off with code ‘Indep20off’)

Then I love to throw all the items into something that they will use when baby comes!  I love this pink pom bucket!  Also comes in blue and grey!  Perfect for storing toys!

What are your go-to shower gifts?  Do you stick to the registry?  A little bit of both?  So fun showering all these mamas–I always get so excited!

Hope you all have a great weekend and Fourth of July holiday!

*This post was written in partnership with Nakturnal, but all opinions, as always, are my own!