Bathtime Essentials with Tubby Todd!


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Good morning!! We are finally at the point where E really enjoys playing in the bath!  Like actually splish splash play, not just fiddle with a toy while she sits in water.  It is so fun to watch, but also a total workout.  Last weekend, I decided to move the bath party to the sink so that I don’t have to constantly bend over and keep her in her little tub inside the bath.  Today, I thought I would share some of our favorites for bathtime that make it just a little easier!

Blocks:  We’ve taken a lot of toys that seem bath appropriate and just tossed them in the bath with her…nothing too fancy!  We do enjoy these blocks though because we can fill ’em up and squirt her!
Boon Storage Frog:  This cute guy allows her toys to drip dry once we get done in the bath!
Duck Hooded Bath Towel:  There really isn’t anything sweeter than a babe wrapped in a duck towel.
Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash: Smells so amazing and 100% natural so you don’t have to worry about chemicals if they get some in their mouth!

What are your essentials for keeping your sanity at bathtime?  Please share because I have a feeling it will only get crazier for this squirmy babe!

Have a great day!

*I was provided product in exchange for review, but as always, opinions are my own!

Eight Months!


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We officially have an eight month old!  Now, during these photo shoots, I avoid getting her to look at the camera because the second I get her attention she will attempt to stand to get the phone.  Which in a chair is not ideal, so she is basically never going to be looking at the camera again.  She is still sleeping around 11-12 hours a night without getting up to eat (which was not happening around month 4 and 5).  She takes a nap in the morning and a  nap in the afternoon.  She is back at the sitter during the day and she is a 100% better eater for the sitter, but a better napper at home.  She has two bottom teeth and has said “mama” and “up”.  I am not really counting them as her first words though until she says them with meaning.  Is that what you are supposed to do?  She has lifted herself up while saying up, so maybe we will count that!  It would sure be fitting for this on-the-go gal!  She crawls, stands up on everything, and has stood for a few seconds on her own!  She also mimics everything we do, grunts with displeasure, opens and closes her fist when you say “bye bye” or “Hi Eleanor!” and make the same motion.
She’s tried almost every fruit and vegetable on the planet and now we are giving her small bits of our food!  Feels so strange that she is ready for that!
She is just as sweet as can be and can’t believe we are getting ready to celebrate the big ONE!
We love you, E!

Kansas City Lovin’


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Kansas City, you guys.  If you haven’t ever been, you must.  I would 100% move back there in a heartbeat.  As a final summer hurrah, we headed to KC for five days.  We filled our days eating Kansas City BBQ, visiting Deanna Rose Farm, hanging out with our friend, Jane at the Nelson-Atkins art museum, stopping at Fritz’s (where they deliver your food on a train!), and exploring Union Station.   E and I caught up with our good friend Margi, and her daughter shopping at Easy, Tiger in the West Bottoms and then Lunch on the Plaza!

It was so, so much fun having Eleanor see and explore all of the things that brought me so much happiness as a child!  Only bummer was that the Royals weren’t in town!  I guess that means we just have to head back!

Things are back to being busy, busy around here with the new school year!  I hope you are all staying cool in these sweltering temps!

Have a great weekend!

The Limited at the New Tanger Outlets!


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YOU GUYS!  Tanger Outlets has arrived in Columbus!!  This gal and her need for a great deal have paired nicely with the greatest outlet mall to ever exist.  I headed out last week to check out the madness and boppin’ around with my gal pal, E, I was completely overtaken by the great deals to be had!

I got two dresses and a pair of earrings at The Limited for under a hundred dollars.   One of the dresses ringing in at only $30.  I mean?!

If you are even a little local, you must stop and check it out–and of course let me know what you snag!

Hope you are all having a happy week!


*I was sent a gift card to shop at The Limited, but as always, opinions are my own!


Seven Months!


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7 months!  Eleanor is all about the open mouth kisses when you say “can I have kissers?” She responds to her name and follows us from room to room.  She also learned a fun new skill, crawling up the stairs.  Obviously, babyproofing is in full force over here.  She has had lots of different fruits and veggies and only really has shown an aversion to avocado, much to my disappointment.  She’s back to sleeping 12 hours a night with a good nap in the morning and in the afternoon.  She’s probably a little over 20 pounds and she wears mostly 12-18 month clothes.

We love our little squishy!

Hope you all have a great day!


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