A Family Adventure in Hilliard + Giveaway!


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Good morning,  I am so excited to be partnering up again with listings in Columbus to get out and explore Columbus as a family (see our family-friendly day in Grandview here)!  One spot we’ve been dying to check out is Old Hilliard and more specifically, the new splash pad at Hilliard’s Station Park!  So, on Mother’s Day we loaded up and headed out to explore!

First, we stopped by Hilliard Municipal Park to see some duckies and just the pond in general.  It’s a really nice pond area that would be perfect for a picnic this summer!

Just a few blocks away is Hilliard’s Station Park in Old Hilliard…it’s a little stretch of restaurants and shops and the all new splash pad!  We opted to play for a bit (it turned out to be way warmer than we thought!  Lots of kids already in suits playing!!) and then head to dinner.  They have tables around the splash pad so you could grab lunch at Local Catina or coffee at Coffee Connections and sit outside with the kiddos while they come and go playing!

Afterwards, we decided to grab dinner on the patio at Otie’s Tavern!  The evening turned out just perfect!

We will definitely be heading back to Old Hilliard soon!! Such a fun little area!!  And now for the really fun part!  Below is your chance to get out and explore the area a bit with a $25 gift card to Local Cantina (they actually have several locations around Columbus)!!  And if you’re interested in checking out a few other local places Breakfast with Nick has a great Clintonville round-up and It’s a Hero has a post all about Cuyahoga Falls which would be a great little getaway once baby gets here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you all have a great weekend and have a chance to get out and explore!


*This post was sponsored by Nakturnal, but all opinions, as always, are my own!

Packing the Hospital Bag!


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Good morning!!  We are officially under two weeks away from baby!!  The bag is packed and next to the door just in case.  I went full term with E, but ya never know!  Here are some of the essentials we are packin’:

Fawn Design Backpack and Weekender (similar)
A Nice Camera and your phone/cord
Nursing Pillow (Cover) So many purposes.  Sleeping, comfort, etc…

A New Robe
  A Couple of Nightgowns
Loose fitting tees/shirts
Slippers (similar) especially for trips to the bathroom
Flip Flops for shower
Socks (similar) I was freezing so I really liked having these during delivery
Stuff for Hubby

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps
Face Wipes
Dry Shampoo
Hair Ties
Blush and Brush
Lip Treatment

For Baby
Onesie they will provide you with everything for baby (including diapers and wipes) in the hospital, but we liked to have a few meaningful things to put on her for pictures and for taking her home!
Swaddle same goes here!

Journal (similar)/Pen  Matt kept a log of the delivery and it’s pretty much the sweetest thing ever.  So glad we have it–it was really fun to read at her first birthday!
Baby Book to put the footprint/handprint in!
I am going to bring a blanket of Eleanor’s because I just feel like I am going to miss her while I’m at the hospital (especially during delivery) and it will help me to feel like both of my babies are with me.
Snacks.  You can’t have them while you labor, but you can have them as soon as you get to your new room.  I remember looking forward to my snacks while I was laboring.  I packed the big box this time.
Last time we also brought movies–it was Christmas time so we brought lots of our favorites…it helped to have some background noise.
Extra Bags to take home things from the hospital that they give you! And do take it all!

Anything else you all would recommend??

Hope you all have a great day!  Stay tuned tomorrow for another local adventure and giveaway!!

Party of Three at Kona Grill!


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Good morning!!  Well, baby girl is officially full term!! We decided to head out to dinner to celebrate at Kona Grill both that baby girl is healthy, but also that this could be our very last dinner out as a party of three!  Crazy!!

We whooped it up and ordered the calamari appetizer which we got for free for signing up for the Konavore program!  For dinner, I got the pad thai and Matt got the swordfish with brussel sprouts and a handcrafted old fashioned.  Matt was obviously the healthy eater of the evening as Eleanor went with grilled cheese, mac and cheese, and fries (Ok, I ordered it–I just wanted all of it).  These dishes were so good and go beyond the traditional sushi menu which was great for me since I can’t have it for three more weeks!  And they have over 40 different sauces that you can mix and match to create your perfect dish!  Gotta love options!

Kona also seriously has the best dining out ambiance with pretty much every option for experience you could imagine with an outdoor patio, indoor bar, sushi bar, and regular table seating.  PLUS, they have a fish tank that at least kept my little entertained!  They also had tons of stuff (markers, wax sticks, etc..) to keep her busy at the table!  Very much appreciated by all.

To find a location near you and get signed up to receive a free appetizer, just head here!

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend and to all the mamas out there–HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!  You are amazing.


*This post was sponsored by Kona Grill, but all opinion, as always, are my own!

E’s Big Girl Room!


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IMG_7232IMG_7191IMG_7243IMG_7215IMG_7208IMG_7228IMG_7824Good morning!! I have seriously been dying to share this post with you all!  Essentially, I have been planning E’s room since she was born.  Since we didn’t find out the gender until she was born, we kept her room neutral, but it turned out kinda boyish because we were 99% sure she was going to be a boy.  We decided almost immediately that we would just keep the nursery as is and begin planning her big girl room.  Once we found out about baby #2, the plans officially began!  E now knows this is her room and has been sleeping all night in her big girl bed for the last week!  The transition I wrote about here is officially complete thanks to Dockatot!

But without further ado…here are the pieces that we’ve been collecting for E’s room!

Bed Area
Adjustable Toddler Bed
Dockatot Deluxe
Pom Pom Comforter Set
Be Awesome Today Pillow
Large Ballerina Doll
Pom Pom Pouf (old)

Shelves (handmade by Matt!)
Books: Once Upon an AlphabetFlora and the FlamingoEllieThe Tiny Seed, The Day the Crayons QuitParis Up, Up and AwayStuckWaddle!Gallop!
Pineapple Print (she may restock?)
Pom Pom Bin
Instax Mini Camera
Phoebe the Fawn Doll
Yellow Hunter Boots

Play Area/Tent
Metallic Stripe Tent
Woolen Pom Pillow
Gray Stripe baskets I found at Michaels!

Dresser Area (my dad actually made this dresser for me when I was a little girl!)
Pictures in the gallery wall are either gifts from showers or baptisms and then I cut out prints from old Rifle Paper Co. Calendars!

Clothing Area
Rolling Cart
Pink Stripe Hamper
Sound Machine
Nursery Heater

But, YOU GUYS, the real star of this room is this rug from Lorena Canals!  It really pulls the whole room together and makes it look like a room for a little kid!  And it is literally the softest rug I have ever felt, machine-washable, and all natural!  There are so many options on the website that will fit perfectly into any room really, but especially nurseries and kids rooms!
PLUS, now through May 17th all rugs are 15% off!!

With just three weeks left, it feels really good to get E’s room checked off the list!  If you see something that I haven’t linked just let me know in the comments and I will do my best to get you to the right place!

I hope you are all having a great week!

*This post was sponsored by Lorena Canals, but all opinions, as always, are my own!

Life Lately…


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It was so nice for the first few weeks of April! Sunshine was just what we needed.
And then the Easter bunny came crashing down on E’s whole world.  For real, I love that the mall we had this taken at took the time to edit and frame this keeper.
If you caught my Insta Story, egg dyeing went a lot different in my head than it did in actuality.  She thought they were golf balls so she chucked them as soon as she could get her hands on them.  Then she just dipped her fingers in all the dye.
I posted a roundup of my favorite spring styles for the toddler girl and boy!  So much cuteness out there!!
Gah.  This girl.  How cute are these sunnies with that smile??
I seriously couldn’t wait for E to get her Easter basket–so much fun!!
The egg hunt was also a total success!  This dress was so perfect for Easter!
I shared an update on E’s swim lessons here!
My little bestie!
We spent an awesome day as a family in Grandview…I posted all about it here!  And there’s still time to get yourself entered to win a $25 gift card! Hurry, it ends Sunday!
Got some extra time with family last week as we said goodbye to my sweet Grandma…
My sister threw us the sweetest sprinkle for baby girl last weekend with our families.  Baby girl is already so loved!
I am dying over these sandals and this book!

I am officially 36 weeks today and am getting QUITE anxious for baby to get here!  Other than the final touches–the major thing we wanted ready to go was baby girl’s room and E’s big girl room and it is officially done!!  I will be sharing pics next week!!!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Ps. If you still need ideas for that special mama in your life, I posted a gift guide here!  Just a little over a week left!