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Tech Holiday Wishlist1. Williams-Sonoma iPad Kitchen Set– This nifty device holds your iPad up so you can browse recipes and keep it in place while cooking! It also comes with a speaker on the bottom and a shield to protect your iPad from food splatters. Yes, please!

2. Breville Electric Wok– I love stir-fry. Love love love it. BUT, I don’t own a wok (whatttt???). Yes, that’s the sad truth. My dad makes an incredible stir-fry, so until Santa brings me this handy dandy wok, I’m just going to have to rely on my dad!

3. Automatic Yogurt Maker– Yogurt is dang expensive. Why not make your own? This yogurt maker makes 6 oz. servings AND it comes with a dating system so you can mark the dates on the containers.

4. Electric Fondue Set– When my family thinks of the holidays, fondue usually comes to mind. We eat the big meal on Thanksgiving and Christmas in the afternoon and have cheese and chocolate fondue as an evening snack. Can’t go wrong with fondue!

5. Snowcone Maker– Erin and I use to have this awesome snowcone maker when we were little girls. It was a Snoopy house that came with all different flavors.  We had SO much fun with it… I wish we still had it. Alas, the adult version will have to do!

6. A Year of Cookie Cutters– Because it’s Christmas, and Christmas means cookies, surprise your favorite chef with cookie cutters for all of the holidays in the year.

Happy shopping!