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Yes…it’s already that time of year to pull out those beads, let your hair down, and go shopping. They say this holiday is marked with gluttony, so why not commemorate the holiday with a glutinous wish list? Who’s with me?


1. This gold elephant screams extravagant!

2. It is sinful how much I want these pillows.

3. For some reason I equate a good party with sparkle. These fit the bill nicely.

4. Please? I need this and pretty much everything else from Matchbook Magazine shop. It’s actually cruel.

5. Fat Tuesday, as it is so lovingly referred to, only means the end of holiday food (except for Valentine’s Day, of course!) and the beginning of the season of gearing up for bathing suit season. That’s right ladies. Live it up because we are getting ready to turn the corner, but it’s worth it with this adorable suit!

6. And no Fat Tuesday is complete without a cookie (or ten). Enjoy!

*carnation print photo credit here

Happy Mardi Gras!!