So you know this whole gluten-free diet thing?? It’s apparently the new fad and I really don’t want anything to do with it. I totally respect people that want to go gluten-free but it’s kind of expensive and boring. I mean come on… giving up French bread? Oreo cookies? EVERYTHING GOOD? Yeah, no thanks.

Until now.

The gluten-free diet found me. It found me and I’m not too happy about it. My rheumatologist (AKA my new best friend… slash not) told me a couple of weeks ago that I have Celiac Sprue disease. I’m pretty sure I laughed when he first told me on the phone. I mean really?? There is NO WAY. I don’t have the typical symptoms that most celiac people have: basically you writhe in pain and have to find a bathroom ASAP if you sniff gluten. Yes, I realize that’s an exaggeration but it can be a pretty debilitating illness unless you cut out gluten.

Regardless, I am forced into a gluten-free diet. I’m going to accept it and I’m going to do the best dang job I can to avoid the evil gluten. So far my diet has included gluten-free waffles, dressing- free salads, and more dressing- free salads. Clearly I need all of the help I can get.

I have a feeling this will become my new best friend. And thanks to THE best friend, I have this to work on.

Which reminds me: I have the best people around me. When the family and friends found out, the reaction was pretty dang awesome. I’ve got a lot of people helping me out and joining me in the process. I am one lucky gal.

Any other celiacs out there? Anybody going gluten-free that wants to share some advice? I’d love to hear your thoughts! My favorite thing to do in the kitchen is bake, and right now I’m a little nervous climbing the gluten-free-baking mountain.

This journey is so not what I wanted but I have a feeling it will be for the best. Luckily there are a lot of options out there and I’m looking forward to trying all of them. Here’s to a new diet, a new journey, and the best dang family and friends a girl could ask for.

Gluten Free