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Amigoni Winery 1

The other weekend, Tad and I visited Amigoni Winery with some friends of ours. It’s located in the West Bottoms (area previously talked about here) so it’s pretty tucked away in Kansas City. We got a bit lost heading down there but it’s such a KC gem!

I heard about it while researching possible reception sites for the wedding. I decided to go check it out with friends to scope out the place and I’m so glad we did! The place is urban-chic and their wines are amazing. The Amigoni family stays true to local roots by using local grapes and even local oak barrels to store the wine.

On the off chance you’re not a wine person (say what??), they offer Boulevard beer tastings as well…a Kansas City favorite!

Amigoni Winery 2

If you’re in the Kansas City area and looking for something fun to do on a saturday (or heck, even a Wednesday night) definitely check out this winery!

Happy Wednesday, friends!