1. Matt and I recently had a fantastic little vacation in Pittsburgh. I have missed this guy so much and we have definitely been stressed lately so this was a MUCH needed trip!

2. In Pittsburgh, there was a neat little area called the strip district where there were all kinds of specialty shops, stalls, etc…if you head towards Pittsburgh anytime soon I definitely recommend this area and a great restaurant called Bella Notte!

3. Is there a rehab for stationery?? Cause this girl is addicted. I officially bought more stationery this weekend than I care to admit. In my defense, I have so many wonderful people in my life and I believe they need to be thanked via a cute piece of stationery. K? K.

4. My dear, beautiful friend Linda and I have started a Sunday ritual that I will miss so much once I head to Columbus…we run errands together, grab lunch, peruse craft fairs, etc… Next time I am thinking antiquing? We welcome all who are interested!

I hope you all have a fantastic day!