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I’m sort of in a blog funk right now… I’ve got lots of ideas brewing in this noggin of mine but can’t seem to get the right words onto the post. Strange, I know. I’m going to attribute it to the weather. You can blame the weather on anything, right?

We’ve had a super busy past few weeks and it’s about to get even busier. Can’t complain though… our “busy-ness” consists of flying to the Virgin Islands for 5 days and moving into a cute little bungalow the following weekend. Life is pretty grand.

Here are a few snap shots of life lately…

life lately (5.19)

Row 1: Moving out of the loft (*tear*)// Great finds from a fabulous day of shopping with the bestie// A snowstorm in… May. (?!?)

Row 2: Accessories for our 4 year anniversary dinner// Learning gardening basics from dad // A quiet evening in with the boys snuggling.

Row 3: Celebrating Audrey Hepburn’s birthday with black skinnies and flats// Camping out in the basement preparing for those dang Kansas tornadoes// Reminiscing about those fabulous dresses of childhood.

Row 4: Wine tasting with great friends// A much needed pedicure for the upcoming trip to the beach.

If you follow me on instagram, I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m extremely obsessed with my dog. The saggy eyes and floppy ears get me every time. That beagle-basset hound has no idea how famous he is.

Hope your day is going swell!