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I’ve noticed something lately… something that I’m really digging. I’m noticing these fabulous food bloggers are writing cookbooks and it makes me so very happy.

I visit these blogs daily. I smile at their writing and ogle at their food pics. Now they’re publishing these fabulous books that leave me drooling as I flip through the pages. A pancake cookbook? An ice cream sandwich cookbook? Food bloggers, you’re killing me.

My cookbook collection is stacking pretty high these days… I should probably start working on my exercise book collection (does such a think exist?) to compensate. Maybe I’ll work on that next year

cookies and cream book

Handle the HeatCookies & Cream


A Cozy KitchenPancakes

SK cookbook

Smitten KitchenThe Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

joy the baker cookbook

Joy the BakerJoy the Baker Cookbook


With Style and GraceLiving Gluten- Free with Style & Grace (an e-book!!)

It makes me wonder what Erin and I’s book would be? Our blog is sort of a hodge podge of things… little things in life that make us smile. We might just have to add to the growing collection of Paris books? A book about two sisters who dream of Paris daily… I’m totally digging it.

Happy Wednesday, loves.