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Gahhh sorry for the silence yesterday, folks. Holy busy-ness! We moved into our new house (talked about here) this weekend and the dreaded task of unpacking has consumed all of my time. Not to mention I take boards in exactly 3 weeks from today so my off- time is doing some crazy last minute studying.

We’ve finally settled into the new house and all that’s left to do is hang the artwork (my favorite part!). I’m really wanting to do a gallery wall for the prints I’ve recently acquired but I’m thinking I need to add more to the collection first. I’ve got some ideas. 🙂

In typical moving fashion, the pup is super confused. He doesn’t have his same treat spot, his same toy spot, and his same run-around spot. What’s a dog to do??

He also hasn’t really grasped the fenced-in backyard thing. Yes, Wilson, you may go outside without a leash and for the love of all that is holy, go to the bathroom unattended. We’re working on it…

Here are some fabulous treats rounded up from around the web! Wilson would be over the moon for any of these… especially the bow tie. Hopefully Tad isn’t reading this right now as he is staunchly opposed to any clothing item for the dog. The nerve!

treats for pups

1. Etsy- Lamb Chops Dog Treats

2. Etsy- Red Pin Dot Bow Tie (So regal!)

3. Waiting on Martha- Cotton Rope Alligator

4. Target- Burrow Pet Bed (Wilson loves to bury himself in blankets any chance he can get… this would be perfect for him!)

5. Hattan Home- Rope Toy

6. Waiting on Martha- Trophy Tennis Balls

Happy Wednesday!