Well tomorrow is D-day! The day I’ve been wasting away in my house waiting for! Test day. Time to take the second step of my board exams. I would love any and all positive thoughts as I take the test! I’m thinking an 8 hour exam is going to call for some wine tomorrow night. Yes?? YES.

They usually say not to study the day before…to give your brain time to rest before the big day. However, my neurotic, type A, probably-OCD personality just isn’t going to allow that to happen. There’s always something else to study. Always something I forgot to cover. And of course tonight it’s going to hit me that I didn’t even glance at that table in pg. (insert page number here) of my board prep book and ohmygod my palms are sweating.

Why did I decide to become a doctor again??!

Anyway… back to the important stuff. My love of any and all things gold. I figured I should let my brain rest just a bit today so I decided to round up some of my favorite gold items I’ve been lusting after lately.

Gold Favorites template

Kate Spade- Charm Heels // Butter London- Molten Metallic Gold nailpolish // Hattan Home- Harry Allen Piggy Bank // The Tomkat Studio- Gold Hearts notecards // Design Darling- Hustle gold print // Shoedazzle- Gold Glitter Clutch // Shopbando- Big Shot Sparkle Headband // Nars- Silent Night Eye Shadow // Shopbop- Gorjana Gold Locket // Dorothy Perkins- Sequin Lace Dress

Back to studying I go! Happy Tuesday, everyone!


P.s.- Mom, I’m sorry if you thought this post was going to be about Lady Gaga.