The title of this post is a teensy bit deceiving… I really haven’t had much of a life these days! I’m getting ready for residency interview season (yikes!) and much of my time is spent at the hospital. It’s not too shabby though… the hospital is like my second home!

I did have a day off this past Saturday and spent the day watching Tad and a couple of his friends complete the Tough Mudder! In case you don’t know what this is, it’s an 11-mile obstacle course that gets you really muddy. Every mile or so is an obstacle you have to complete… one of them being the Arctic Enema where you have to swim in a freezing cold tank of water. Tad said it was an instant brain freeze like when you eat ice cream too fast. Except that times 10. Yeah, no thanks.

You get electrocuted in two of the obstacles… Yeah definitely NO THANKS. I was perfectly content being the photographer on the sidelines and will always be content being the photographer on the sidelines. I’m incredibly proud of Tad but holy moly…. Why do people do these things?? Tad and his friends trained for months and ended up running the entire way and completed all of the obstacles on the first try! So proud.

Here are some pictures from the weekend!







I must say… I’ve got one handsome fiancé 😉

Hope you’re having a fantastic Wednesday!