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Remember this amazingly talented family we talked about here, here, and here?

Well, they’re back. And cuter than ever. (In case you missed it before, read about this adorable family here!)

This season they’ve totally hit the spot… their videos are so creative, unique, and spark the innocence and creativity in all of us. (Get it? Olive Us? All of us? Love it.)

These kids. Man, they are destined for big things.

Click here to see their latest video! Maude takes a trip to Honfleur Harbor where she takes in its beauty, shares the history of its artists, and begins her own Honfleur painting.

Can we just move to France and become artists already? My painting skills are about at the level of finger painting right now but practice makes perfect, amIright?

Okay who wants to buy me a paint set?

Happy Monday! *Stay warm!


*It’s -10 in Kansas City right now. I’m dying.

Top two images gathered from their website!