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YOU GUYS. It’s like less than 5 months till the wedding.

Holy goodness. Talk about excitement!!! I reallllly need to soak up these next few months as my life starting July 1st will be very busy and not as fabulous as a wedding and honeymoon (HA.). I’m super excited to finally start residency (14 years in the making, yo!) but I’ve got some serious wedding fever and don’t really want to think about 16 hour days quitttte yet.

I have almost all of the vendors booked, my dress picked out, the bridesmaids all beautified, and the gentlemen all tuxedo’d out but it’s the little details I need to plan now!

So… what are some things that really stand out at a wedding? What do you all find the most memorable? From my experience, the littlest details are some that I really remember. I’d love to know your thoughts!

Below are some fabulous ideas I’ve seen on the web recently. The stress of the wedding hasn’t hit yet but I’m sure it will at some point. In the mean time, with all of these wedding ideas sprouting up around the web, it makes me want to plan at least 5 different weddings! Ha.

Wedding wednesday 1.15


Happy Wednesday!