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jorey hurley

YOU GUYS. This week I….

1) Woke up to birds chirping.

2) Fell asleep to a thunderstorm.

3) Watched snow melt in 60 degree weather.

4) Wore my Spring sweaters.

5) Sported my Wellies.

6) Went for a walk with Tad and the pup.

7) Praised the good Lord above for SPRINGGGGG. Please oh please let it stay??!

The only thing I wish I could change is the dang black cat in the neighborhood that sits on our fence every day drooling over the newly created birds nest above our kitchen window. Damn cat! Scat! Those birdies need to fly! How high can cats jump? I’m seriously worried he’s going to snatch the birds! Google search: how to turn your neighborhood cat into an herbivore.

On a happier note, I dreamed up an outfit this week that consists of only the spring essentials: umbrellas, polka dots, and pastels. Sign. Me. UP!

Dreaming of Spring

Ray-Ban Aviators

SheInside- Apricot Short Sleeve Hollow Crochet Lace Top

Target- Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella Silver Trim

SheInside- Pink Boyfriend Ponte Rolled Sleeves Blazer

Anita Ko- Spike 14-karat Rose Gold Stud Earrings

Essie- Cocktails & Coconuts

West Elm- Canvas with Leather Tote Bag

Topman- Light Mint Green Skinny Chinos

Gap- Printed Pointy Flats 

I hope you all are getting a taste of the fabulous season to come. The best part of living in the midwest? Four seasons… even in February! #grateful

Happy Friday, friends! Have a great one!


Top Image– How amazing are these prints? I need every single one! Check out their Etsy shop for more!

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