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Happy Friday, friends!

We’ve got quite the weekend ahead of us. Below is our ’10 Things’ list for the week… what we have to celebrate, thoughts about the week behind us, and the exciting weekend ahead of us!

1. Erin made the long trip yesterday from Columbus, OH to Kansas City, MO for Nat’s bridal shower on Saturday! Erin and Mom planned the entire shower with it all being very hush hush… Nat doesn’t know a single detail! Ooooh the excitement!

2. To continue the wedding festivities, Nat’s bachelorette party is on Saturday night! Again, all very hush hush but sparkly dresses and cocktails will likely be in attendance.

3.  On the agenda for this morning: coffee, nail salon, wedding dress fitting, then queso and margaritas! Heck yes!

4. Excited to announce that Erin and Matt became an auntie and uncle this week, their sister Brittany had a beautiful baby boy!!

5. Natalie matched in Memphis and some of her classmates are coming to celebrate this weekend to her shower and bachelorette… bring on the champagne!

6. Erin is finally over the flu.  Matt…not so much–feel better honey!!

7. There is a serious amount of wine and pizza on the agenda for tonight.  So excited for everyone to come over!!

8. It finally feels like Spring here in KC!  Time to bust out the sandals!!

9. Matt and Tad both turned the big 28 in the last week.  There has GOT to be a least one piece of cake around here.

10. Life feels pretty great right now.  We have amazing friends and family.  Thank you all for helping us celebrate all of these wonderful moments!

Erin and Nat