Hi, friends! Happy Monday! Sorry for the radio silence lately. It’s been a crazy few weeks and it’s about to get even crazier. Graduation, moving, wedding, honeymoon, starting residency… all in the next two months! Oy.

I’ve also been in quite the blog funk lately. Usually browsing the J.Crew catalog and Pinterest bring me much inspiration but I can’t seem to find my groove! I think the amount of New Girl I’m watching is fogging my brain. What do we think? Are 10 episodes a day too much? Nah.

What usually cures the Monday blues is a fabulous new artist (new to me, that is). Below are a few amazing pieces from Amy Walters! Her illustrations¬†are so colorful and whimsical… I absolutely adore them!

applesAmyWaltersSundayRoast amywaltersorangetrees amywalters-cameras

Aren’t these great? I want them all!

Happy Monday, folks! Have a great one!