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Good morning!! So, yesterday was hard. I can’t believe it’s already time to say goodbye. It feels like just yesterday I was standing on the curb waiting to get them off the bus thinking, what have I gotten myself into!? To yesterday, running after the bus to give them one last hug! They are forever my students.

And, I’m not sure if any of you noticed, but it is JUNE. Holy cow. I think there’s a wedding this weekend? Matt and I took on a lot of outdoor projects in May (including redoing the deck! Bring on the summer BBQs!) and I have some pretty sweet tan/burn lines that need fixing before Saturday. Thoughts?

Speaking of weddings, I leave tomorrow for KC and I literally have a mountain of a to do list to accomplish before my 6 am flight. And then it’s wedding, wedding, wedding! Let’s get these two hitched! In light of that, Natalie and I will be taking a little break from regularly scheduled posts. Be sure to follow all the wedding shenanigans on Instagram!

We will see you back here next Tuesday worn out and wedded. By we I mean I, as Natalie will have been whisked away on her surprise honeymoon!!!

Have a happy week my friends!