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Good morning!! Hope you all had a great holiday!! We cannot believe it is already over. We both spent time with family and that is truly the best part about this time of year! We are still trying to revel in the relaxation and merriment so we are going to ease back into the blogging world to quickly let you know that Natalie and Tad received an email from their amazing photographer, Dale Benefield, that several of their photos had been nominated for this year’s Benny Awards! They were nominated for best dress, best moment (my dad and her dancing!), best wedding portrait, and best cake! It would mean the world to us if you would go on and vote for their photos!! Simply go here and under those four categories simply vote for ‘Natalie’!



You can vote in each category once per device and you can repin any of their photos from the 2014 Benny Awards boards from Dale’s Pinterest for extra votes!!

Thank you so much, friends!!