Back to School Favorites

Good Reads– The Invisible Wall

Washington DC

Fall Favorites

Alexi Murdoch

Beauty Favorites

Weekend Favorites


Good Reads- Vinegar Hill

Monday Favorites

Current Stylings

In My Closet

Good Reads- The Poisonwood Bible

Vegas Essentials

In My Closet

Halloween Party Favorites

Good Reads- The Glass Castle

Camping Essentials


Happy Halloween

Over the Weekend

In My Closet

Good Reads- Winter Garden

Gold Favorites

In My Closet

Happy Weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!

In My Closet

In My Closet

Holiday Wish List

Happy Friday!

Closet Crash

Some News

Holiday Gift Guide Roundup


My Kitchen Wish List

Kansas City Bacon Fest

My Kitchen Wish List 2

Currently Reading (in the kitchen)- Joy the Baker

Vegas Won

The White Family Takes Vegas

Louisburg Cider Mill

Currently Reading (in the kitchen)- What Katie Ate

My Kitchen Wish List 3

November Nights

The Pioneer Woman


Currently Reading (in the kitchen)- Smitten Kitchen

Holiday Wish List {for the tech-savvy chef…}

More News (Tad and I’s engagement!)

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