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Hi there! Welcome to our blog! We’re happy you’re here.

Natalie and Erin, February 2011

We hope you’ll enjoy the things we share here with you! Erin will be posting about her recent finds, interesting books, delicious restaurants, and her adventures in Richmond. Natalie will be bringing you more of the culinary twist in Kansas City… testing recipes, sharing pictures, and bringing delicious treats from her home to yours.

Winery in Richmond, February 2012

French Bistro in Richmond, February 2012

We decided to start this blog on one of our late night, 3-hour skype dates. We usually find ourselves up late at night, discussing everything from recent purchases at Target to a cute necklace we found on Pinterest. This spurred an interest, an interest to share what we love on a blog.

The Drive to Richmond

Our 16 month age difference created a bit of a rocky start to our relationship  (the teen years were something fierce) but we’re now the best of friends. And a 16 hour distance will not keep us apart.

Here’s to sisters. Here’s to friends. Here’s to love.