The title basically sums up everything I want to write about in this post.  I’m going to apologize in advance if you’re hungry. Or a vegetarian.


An entire afternoon devoted to eating the most bacon you could possibly consume from the most supreme restaurants in Kansas City.  All you can eat bacon and beer.  Need I say more? Somebody definitely had their thinking caps on the day they came up with this. We left physically in pain, having sampled everything we could have sampled and even going back for more.

Various restaurants from around the KC area gathered together their best bacon dishes in hopes of winning over the judges for Best Bacon Dish.   We had everything from bacon wrapped sirloin to pulled pork to bacon topped brownies.  They even had bacon vodka bloody mary’s. We were in heaven.

FRIED BACON with egg yolk aioli a top a sweet biscuit.

Have I mentioned I’m not eating for the next week and a half? I’ve never found a more appropriate time for a juice cleanse.

Nat and Tad

My arteries definitely took a beating that afternoon… can’t say I regret a single bite though.  How many times can you say you spent an entire afternoon completely devoted to bacon?? Check that off the bucket list!

Bacon Topped Brownie, aka The Star of the Show

Bacon-ed out,