1. Happy Notes. Love the idea of spreading the happiness that surrounds the first day of school all year long.

2. Marimekko Coffee Mug. Nothing says back to school more than a cup of coffee.

3.Mara Mi Sticky Pad. Can you have enough of these?

4. Kate Spade iPhone Case. Gah.

5. Memorandum Mousepad. This is more useful than sliced bread.

6. Elements of Style. I cannot believe this version of grammar do’s and don’ts did not exist when I read it in college. This one has pretty pictures and a pretty cover while still covering the Oxford comma! This is pure gold.

7. Magnifying Glass. Why not?

8. Journal. Love everything about this.

9. Rifle Cities Calendar. This needs to get on my wall as soon as possible.

Whether you’re a teacher, a student, a parent, or just LOVE back to school season as much as me– I hope you have a great school year!!