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My (again not so current because I am swimming in the deep end of leadership books for my Master’s classes) current literary obsession:
The Glass Castle
By: Jeannette Walls

This book is one of those books that sets off a reading frenzy. Does anyone else experience this phenomenon? This book is so good it will make you go read ten more books, with the hope of finding one just as good. Fortunately, this book, a memoir, has a prequel, Half Broke Horses, to quench that thirst once you finish.

I cannot say enough good things about this book. Please read it and share so that not only can I relive it, but I can also vicariously live through your fun reading while I muddle through yet another book on leadership. Here’s to hoping a break will come soon so that I can read some of your book suggestions (keep them coming!!). I just donated a bunch of books to Goodwill so this newly cleared shelf has room for more books!!


Happy Reading!