Currently Reading: What Katie Ate
Author: Katie Quinn Davies
Blog: What Katie Ate

This book is absolutely beautiful. Katie’s pictures are phenomenal. She is a food photographer in Australia, and all of her pictures are rusticity styled (I’d kill for her food prop collection!). Head on over to her blog and check out her gorgeous photos. What an inspiration!

This cookbook contains some amazing recipes and great tips in the kitchen (chew gum to prevent your eyes from tearing while you slice an onion? Genius!). Some of my favorites from the book include Easy Chocolate Cake, Barbecued Shrimp with Thai Dipping Sauce, and Roast Chicken with Lemon Gravy Sauce. She also included some cocktail recipes that I can’t wait to try!

I highly recommend this cookbook… It’s a beautiful one to have as a kitchen staple!

Happy Cooking,