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elephant on ball

Is it just me or did this weekend go by WAY too fast?? I spent the weekend studying, watching chick flicks, and wedding planning! Besides the studying, it was pretty much fabulous. I’m all for relaxing weekends these days.

I take the second half of my board exam in Philadelphia on Friday and cannot wait for it to be done. Think positive thoughts for me on Friday! I’m looking forward to spending the weekend in Philly with Tad though. Any suggestions while we’re there? We’ve never been!

Yesterday my mom and I went to the KC Star Bridal Spectacular show. It was so.much.fun. I didn’t win the diamond earrings but I did enter a ton of giveaways… here’s hoping my name gets drawn for one of them! Especially the Manolos! Swoooon



I also spent quite a bit of time studying outside this weekend. Was it cold where you were? It’s the end of July and it’s been 70 degrees all weekend in KC! Our deck is very shaded so I had to put on a sweater and wool socks outside. So crazy. It definitely got me ready for Fall though!


Hope you all had a swell weekend… and are having a happy Monday morning as well! Or at least as happy as a Monday morning can be…


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