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Happy first day of August folks! I cannot believe it is already August–this summer is flying by! The start of August means it’s almost time to head back to school! Time to sharpen those pencils, fill those binders with crisp new paper, and pack that backpack! Here are a few of my favorite back to school finds!

1. Hot pink Washi tape. The possibilities are endless.

2. A Poppin Tape Dispenser.

3. Gotta have pencils!

4. iPhone Cases from Pencil Shavings Studio.

5. Designer’s Guild Pencil Case. Comes with 5 multicolored pencils!

6. Brand new Poppin Blue Planner. The best part of the new school year is the newness of it all. New clothes, new supplies, new teacher, new students. The anticipation of what the year will bring.

Here’s to a new school year and an excuse to buy new school supplies!!

Happy Thursday!