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matchbook 1

I’ll preface this post with an apology for the photos… achieving adequate lighting for a picture on the wall is harder than I thought!

I was always big on crafts as a kid (family, remember my dolls made of pens? Heck yes!) and it sort of got away from me… my creativity isn’t exactly at its prime and time is always an issue. I gotta work on this!

matchbook 5

The good thing about this DIY is there’s antique shopping involved and the crafting part is super easy! And the finished product is pretty darn fabulous, if I do say so myself. When you can get a group of college boys to come into your house and comment on how cool the matchbook frame is… you know you’ve done well. *winning*

This project can also be a constant changer! Find a cool new matchbook? Replace one of the old ones! It’s so easy to change!

*P.S.- notice a not-so-vintage matchbook in the collection? That’s from Erin’s wedding! (Hint- look for the gold bird!)

What you’ll need:
Empty Frame (I used an 16″ x 12″ frame)
Black ribbon (any neutral color is fine). I used a 1/2″ wide, grosgrain, black ribbon.
Fabric glue (heck, Elmer’s glue will work!)
Approximately 50 vintage matchbooks, depending on how big your frame is*

*Start your collection now! If you search hard enough, almost every antique mall has a booth with hidden jars of vintage matchbooks. Look for colorful ones, fun ones, quirky ones, or ones that spark a memory! I went with the colorful, bold ones and the ones with fun pictures. Matchbooks are such a fun item to collect. You can bet there’s a story behind each one.

matchbook 4

Back of the frame, ribbon strips glued to both sides of frame

matchbook 3

Back of the frame

-Cut strips of ribbon the length of the back of the frame.
-Glue strips of ribbon on one side of the frame first. Glue them approximately 1″ apart (far enough apart to accommodate the height of the matchbooks). You’re going to want to play around with this a bit and make sure there’s as little space between the rows of matchbooks as possible. Let the glue dry.
-Once the first side is dry, glue the other piece of the ribbon to the other side of the frame. Let dry.
-You’ll end up with strips of fabric strung across the back of the frame.
-Now the fun part- hang the matchbooks on the strips of fabric! Super easy and so fun.

Overall, it took about an hour to complete (that’s including glue-drying time).

matchbook 2

Happy Friday, loves. Now get crafting!