Well, being around kids all day and this weather has finally taken its hold on me and I am home sick with a cold/fever. Needless to say, I am smitten with all things cozy and warm. Here are today’s treats that fit the bill!

1. Mon Chien iPhone 5/5s Case. WHY are all the cute new cases only for the 5? I feel like they would make more money by selling them once in 4 and then again when I have to upgrade to the 5?! Makes perfect sense to me.

2. Large Dot Socks. Gotta keep the toes warm with something! Might as well be something with dots.

3. How fun is this heart sweater?!

4. You GUYS! These are amazing. They are called Freakers and they are koozies that are like socks but fit on any size bottle. My roomie snagged me this one at Whole Foods and I am addicted! Now, I have my eye on this adorable Halloween one! Also: they are perfect stocking stuffers or to throw on a wine bottle for a hostess gift!

5. While this is considered a weekender, I am considering this for my next purse. I do not understand how people carry small purses. I just don’t.

6. Ok, I need this binder. Plus the inside is blue with white polka dots. Cooome on!

Happy Tuesday!