K, you know how you have those perfectly planned out weeks? You spend all Sunday (after a VERY productive weekend) meticulously planning your week? Even using coded clothespins for each days’ to-do list? Ok, maybe not. Well, that was me on Sunday. This week was going to be epic.

Around 3 am on Monday, I came down with what I believe to be death. It takes a lot to take down someone who works with kids from sun up to sun down. Well, this one took me out at the knees.

I rallied and was back on my feet in 24 hours…that to-do list was not going to cross itself off! I was sure the rest of the week would just go swimmingly. Those clothespins would just move back a day. Today was great. Then, I get a call from my husband that my trusty red Honda (that he has been driving now that we have the new wheels) broke down just off the highway. I was nannying and the kids were already in bed. Ugh. The poor guy had to push the car to the gas station and then call a taxi. Obviously, tomorrow should be interesting.

So here’s to throwing out the to-do list, pouring yourself a glass of wine, and calling it a week.

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