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Holy smokes, people. So sorry for the silence last week! We missed you all! As evidenced by Erin’s post, last week was a bit hellish. It was sooo not working for us.

As they say, upward and onward! We’re determined for this week to be absolutely fantastic. Ya hear me, Monday? Let’s play nice this week… Kapish?

We chatted about Plum Pretty Sugar before here… we’re pretty dang obsessed with them. Erin purchased their beautiful robes for her bridesmaids two years ago and we’ve been obsessed with the company ever since.

They’ve added a holiday gift guide section to their website and it’s definitely worth checking out! You can create your very own wish list! Heck yes. Their robes are perfect for anyone in your family. They’re so dang comfortable and they have the most beautiful fabrics. All of their apparel would make for some amazing Christmas presents! Ahem, Santa… *hint hint*.

This week, they have a special deal going on where you receive a $25 gift certificate with your purchase of $250 or more. Snag a collection of their robes to gift to your loved ones (and, of course, one for you as well) and get $25 for a future purchase. Win win!

PPS holiday promotion

Now before you head to their site to shop, you MUST watch their holiday video! I was smiling ear to ear watching it. So cute!!

Happy Monday, loves! Let’s make this week awesome!