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Happy New Year’s Eve! It’s almost 2014… So crazy! Gosh, how time flies.

2013 has been wonderful but I think 2014 is going to be pretty dang fabulous… I do have a graduation, wedding, and honeymoon to look forward to, after all!

Nat's NYE resolutions

Here are my top 10 resolutions for the new year (in no particular order)…

1. Drink more water. Good thing Santa brought Erin and I these super cute BKR bottles! I think they will look terribly chic with any outfit.

2. Patience. Patience, patience, and more patience! This virtue has never been my strong suit. Those dang people in the dang line at the dang supermarket just really slow down my Saturday mornings! Hi, I have a problem. Also, that sausage that needs to be cooled? Yes, Natalie, let it cool. Stop. Breathe. Let the sausage cool. Your eggs in the breakfast casserole will curdle if you don’t.

*Sorry for the dialog. I’m trying to talk my 2013 Natalie into my soon-to-be totally awesome 2014 Natalie.

3. More recipes! More gluten-free recipes, to be exact. I think I’ll have some free time on my hands this semester so hopefully I can whip up some tasty treats like these!

4. Exercise. Yup, gotta include the most cliché new years resolution ever. But seriously though, I’ve got kiiiiind of an important dress to fit into in 5 months and ummm…. holy crap I have to fit into a wedding dress in 5 months. Hello, exercise bike/elliptical! Let’s become best friends.

5. Play with Wilson more. Gah it’s hard to turn down these puppy dog eyes but some nights when he hands you the squeaky tennis ball for the 56,784th time you just have to throw it and hope it rolls under the washing machine. In 2014, I need to appreciate that 56,785th time he hands me the ball. He deserves all the love and snuggles and games of fetch he wants. No, Wilson isn’t spoiled… why do you ask?

6. Blog more! I love love love blogging but sometimes it gets to be a bit time consuming. True story. I need to be more efficient with my time, open up my creativity, and not start a post and then get lost on Pinterest for 5 hours minutes. Ahem. Moving on.

7. Send more snail mail. I’m starting to amass quite a collection of stationery and it’s just sitting there waiting to be penned and sent to a friend. The shame! Also, snail mail gives you the chance to use Le pens and washi tape. Win win.

8. Read more. I’ve got this and this on my reading list. Need to get to them ASAP!

9. Be kind. I always love those stories of people buying the coffee for the person behind them or watching someone hold the door open for 5 minutes to let everyone pass before them. Kindness! It’s a beautiful thing.

10. Love. Love myself. Love others. Every minute of every day.

Happy New Year’s Eve, friends! I’ve enjoyed every minute of 2013 with you. Let’s make 2014 just grand, shall we?


P.S.- Come back tomorrow to read about Erin’s 2014 resolutions!

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