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Oh happy day! I have the day off and the hubby is going on a guy’s weekend. Starting today. I have the whole weekend to myself. I love ‘me’ time and I just don’t get enough of it. I will be soaking up every minute. First things first….shopping! Some essentials are in order!

1. Frills Hair Bands. Practical and sassy.

2. PEI-Design Notepad. Gotta have a plan! But, mostly I just love notepads.

3. Yellow Pen. Safe to say I am obsessed with these pens! So many great colors!

4. Go Be Lovely Lavish Hand Cream. Have you all checked out Illume’s new packaging? It is to die for!

5. Market Tote.

6. Cleo Blue Suede Loafers.

Happy weekend!