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Hi friends! So sorry for the radio silence this week! March is living up to what we thought it would be… busy!

I’ve started the month working 24 ER shifts so my days are a little off. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! That means a little over 2 weeks until I find out where I matched for residency! Holy anxiety!

residency match countdown

Here are some little details from February!

nat and busby

Met KC’s most famous weatherman at brunch one morning. We’re practically best friends now. True story. He bought our drinks! See? Best friends.

I was totally that goob in the restaurant that not so discretely announced to the table that a famous person was sitting across the room. He definitely noticed when a table of five all turned to look at him at once. Oh well… we got free mimosas and I made a new best friend. Win win.

tad and arch

westport cafe and bar

Some of our dearest friends came into town with their new little one and it was such a fun time seeing them. Their babe is the cutest! We started the weekend with dinner and drinks at a fabulous little restaurant in KC, Westport Cafe and Bar. The atmosphere was terribly chic and the food was delicious!

wedding invites

Our wedding invites came in the mail! Can’t wait to send these beauties out!


Can’t end a post without Wilson. Our sweet Wilson. Our sweet Wilson who chewed half his tennis ball and now wears it as a nose. I think we’ll keep him.

Hope March is treating you well!

Happy Thursday, loves!