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Good morning! While it has already been a very long week, I feel healed and replenished from my solo weekend. I really do love my husband, friends, and family, but I cannot express the pure joy that is having the house and the weekend hours to myself. Here are a few snapshots of my fabby weekend!

Matt and I both took the day off Friday so we grabbed a quick Cuban breakfast before he hit the road that was seriously delicious. Reminded us of the food we had on our honeymoon in Puerto Rico!!

I got caught up on bills and organizing some of our paperwork and of course sent out some happy mail!

I was so giddy about my day of errands and shopping on Saturday that I could hardly sleep the night before. It’s the little things in life!

My idea of a perfect Saturday night.

Brunch twice in one weekend? Yes, please!
To top off this weekend of bliss, the weather was perfection!

Annnnnnnd it’s supposed to snow all day today. Ugh.

Oh well, if you need me, I’ll be in my happy place that was last weekend!

Happy Wednesday!