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Hagrid quote

Hi folks! What a week, huh? Oy vey!

My 24 hour shifts in the ER are done for the month! I can finally kick back and relax! These long shifts have definitely messed with my sleep schedule so I’ve been a little wonky the past two weeks. Sorry for the lack of posts! My lack-of-sleep brain doesn’t work too well.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled posts on Monday! Which reminds me… in 3 days I’ll find out IF I matched for residency and in 7 days I’ll find out where. #holyanxiety. I just need to take Hagrid’s wise words to heart. Whatever happens, happens. Wherever I end up, that’s where I’m supposed to be. And I’ll have my friends and family by my side. That makes it all okay.

I hope you all have had a swell week! I have some seriously beautiful ranunculus blooming in my kitchen right now and the lady bugs are in excess… Spring is here!!

I’m just going to ignore the fact it’s supposed to snow on Sunday. Winter, go away. Right now.

Happy Friday!


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