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today be awesome

Things I’ve learned this week…

1) Sleeping in every morning is so dang awesome. Sleeping in because you don’t have to work for two weeks is divine.

2) Raking leaves is NOT so awesome. Seriously. It sucks.

3) Raking an entire yard to make it look nicer only to realize grass doesn’t grow in said yard makes the multiple hours spent raking seem really really dumb. Now I have a leave-less yard full of mud. And 10 bags of leaves I don’t know what to do with.

4) Anybody know of a leaf-bag picker upper in KC? I could use one right now.

5) Bassett hounds like to play the clown car trick too! This video made me smile real big.

6) Talking dogs make the world a happy place. This video can make even the grumpiest person smile.

7) I have the most ill-behaved/ well mannered dog alive. He brought me my shoe to play with yesterday. Laid it at my feet and waited for me to play fetch with it. Kinda cute. Kinda not.

8) The anxiety this whole match thing provokes can take down countries. I mean surrrrriously. I found out Monday that I matched into a residency and they make me wait till Friday to find out where?! Cruel!

9) I discovered Trader Joe’s has the best dang flowers around. I snagged some gorgeous pink and white ranunculus last weekend and they are STILL alive.

*Side note- I killed a succulent within a week and those things are supposed to be fool-proof. They are apparently not Natalie-proof.

10) I’ve got some wicked anxiety/excitement/nervousness over tomorrow’s news! The next 4 years of our lives depends on one email tomorrow at noon! Good lord why do they do this to us?!

Hey guys, let’s be awesome today, shall we?

Happy Thursday!


*P.S.- HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!! We brought back our Spring header to mark the occasion!!

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