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1. Evelyn Henson released new city prints and you can bet your bottom dollar I snagged the Kansas City and Memphis prints! I can’t wait to add them to our gallery wall!

2. I am crazy obsessed with New Girl. I realize I’m a little late to this party (a little late being 3 years late) but it is TOO GOOD. I am two episodes away from finishing season 2. And you know what I’m going to do when I’m done? Re-watch every.single.episode.

3. You guys. Tad and I got a house. Like actually signed the contract on our first home. Our first home in MEMPHIS! It’s getting real y’all.

4. Our new house has a ginormous backyard (ya welcome, Wilson) so we’re thinking of all sorts of ideas for outdoor landscaping. Any ideas you’d like to pass on to a landscaper newbie? The backyard will include a fire pit. Fo sho.

5. Speaking of Memphis, we’ve got quite the to-do list started for the week and a half of freedom we have in Memphis between the honeymoon and residency starting! The Memphis Zoo and Beale St. are obvi on the list but what are some other things? Any Memphis lovers out there want to share the secret goods of the city?

6. We officially have TWO months until the wedding. Okay two months minus 3 days until the wedding. HOLY MOLY. I need to A) stop eating B) start training for that marathon I’ve been putting off for 27 years and C) order the dang ceremony programs.

7. Buzzfeed is amazing and this list of 90s kids things is right on par. Buzzfeed, you killed it. I’m totes a 90s kid.

8. So apparently Kristen Bell is the voice of Elsa and can sing like whoa?! This video made my day. Kristen, let’s be best friends. I’ll build a snowman with you!!

9. Since we only have a few free weekends left in Kansas City we’re going to play up the tourist card! We’ve got so many things on our KC bucket list that we must complete before the big move to Memphis. This weekend, we’re visiting the aquarium and WWI museum! I hear both are must-see attractions!

10. Next time I’m on a flight, the cast of (insert broadway Disney show) better be on it. See the awesomeness of The Lion King cast here.

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Happy Thursday!


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