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Good morning! Last weekend, Matt and I had a quiet weekend at home. On Friday night, we made some delicious black bean burgers. We kinda just made up a recipe. Does anyone have any secrets for getting them to stick together better? We also sampled Matt’s latest brew, a delicious IPA. Gonna need to make another batch of that soon!


I spent most of the weekend inside getting caught up on all sorts of things. Cleaning, laundry, bills while Matt worked outside mulching and such!


I did pop outside for a bit to do some reading and catch some rays…Sunday was gorgeous!!


This week has been a little crazy as I started working at a daycare. So, we are back to the crazy schedules. However, I definitely do best when I’m busy. I am SO glad next week is a four day week though!

Hope you are all doing well and having a very happy Thursday!!

Ps. If you didn’t catch it yesterday, Natalie and Tad’s wedding pictures are here!!