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Good morning!! Fall has officially hit Columbus. The weather is perfection and I lit my first pumpkin scented candle, so that pretty much makes it official. Here are a couple of things that are must have items in my bag for the fall transition!

  1. This has become an essential. My legs are not doing so hot and need pretty much all the support they can get. And I hear this is pretty great for after the baby too?
  2. It is my mission to stay healthy this season. Already at school we have had projectile vomitters, sneezing galore, and plowed through most of our tissues. Plus, I nanny for two little ones who seem to always have sticky hands. Always. These handy little wipes are amazing–and cute to boot!
  3. I cannot say enough about this planner. Apparently everyone else feels the same way too, because it is sold out everywhere!
  4. I got hooked on Lara Bars when I was doing Whole30 and now I never leave the house without one stashed in my bag. Can’t wait for the release of the seasonal flavors!
  5. In the spring and summer, I wear Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone or Kate Spade Live Colorfully, but once fall hits, I switch over to my absolute favorite perfume of all time: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. The scent is spicier and absolutely perfect for the fall!
  6. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is heaven. I usually switch out my pinks in favor of a redder shade, I have never really looked great in the maroon colors associated with fall. This provides just enough color and is moisturizing at the same time! Win!
  7. Essie Smokin’ Hot. I’ve been wearing this for weeks and I cannot get enough! Love this shade! And does anyone feel like Essie reformulated? It goes on so smooth and dries super fast now!
  8. Dry Shampoo: I never leave the house without it.
  9. This oil has been a Godsend. The constant itching has started and this seems to be the only thing that cures it.
  10. Ok, so I do not actually own this bag, yet. At only $38 it seems like the only real option for fall.
  11. I walk to work, so it is actually becoming that time of year where I do actually carry shoes in my bag. On top of that, I also have this awesome new accessory called compression hose. Finding shoes that work with those all day is pretty much impossible so I like to have options!

So that’s what I am totin’ around these days! What about you? What are your essentials for this season?

Stay tuned Monday for a little giveaway to celebrate 3 YEARS of this here blog! Until then, I hope everyone has a great weekend!