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Good morning and a very happy Monday to you all!  The first true fall weekend of the year gets me all kinds of happy.  It’s when I do the great switch out of everything.  While the hubby watches his football, I concentrate on buying and getting out everything I own that is even slightly pumpkin.

After my house smells like a fall harvest explosion, I begin tackling my beauty products.  Each season, the act of switching out my products brings me great, great joy.

1. For makeup, every two seasons, I invest in new brushes.  I give them a good cleaning every couple of weeks, but at just about six months, they get the good ol’ toss.   I also switch out my really bright pinks in favor of more muted/matte pinks.  In general, I tend to hoard so I try to toss what I don’t really use and invest in some new makeup that gets me excited to get up and get ready.  While I don’t use a whole lot of makeup, I try to find ways to genuinely enjoy the few minutes I spend putting on the basics of:
-If it’s a rough day: concealer under the eyes
-mineral powder foundation
-a little eyeshadow (I really love a little bit of shimmer that can double as a highlighter around the eyebrows)
-black liquid eyeliner for above the eyes; a pencil for below

2.  Next, my favorite, is perfume.  I hoard this stuff.  Seasonally, I get hooked on one scent, maybe two and neglect the others.  Rotating them helps keep them exciting and fresh!

3. At the end of the day, makeup removal is a top priority.  If I sleep in my makeup, I will wakeup feeling and looking like a zombie.  Plus, I shower at night and if I don’t remove my makeup before my shower, I come out looking like Alice Cooper (which my mom used to call me growing up on account of my wild hair and general lack of teenage upkeep).  SO, I’m happy to say I do remove my makeup to avoid being called this in my adult years.  I love how gentle the micellar water is and then I follow with moizturizer immediately after I get out of the shower.

4.  When it comes to hair and skin these days, I cannot get enough moisture.  My belly itches all day.  I know with the impending dry months ahead, this situation is probably only going to get worse, so I am stocking up.  I pretty much only buy products that claim deep moisture–one product that this has become especially true for is body wash.  I used to just use any old thing, but I have recently switched over to Dove which has really helped!

5.  Last, but certainly not least in my beauty routine, is hygiene.  Especially when it comes to toothpaste, I have become more particular about what I use because inevitably I feel like I am swallowing some of it so it has become increasingly important to me to find natural products.  Plus, have you smelled Tom’s deodorant?  Heaven.

Every season, I am able to find everything I need (and for a steal) at Meijer.  If you live in the midwest, you know how amazing this place is.  It has everything you need.  If you aren’t already an mPerks member, head on over and get signed up.  It takes just a few minutes and the savings are incredible.  Simply clip the coupons onto your account and then start shopping.  You can also enroll in certain programs to earn points for even greater rewards like money towards your next shopping trip. Yes, please!

So, what are your tips or must have beauty items this fall?  As always, let me know if you have any questions about Meijer or mPerks!

Have a great day!

*I was gifted product for review by Meijer, but all opinions, as always, are my own!