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Good morning, loves!  It’s been a doozy of a week over here so I for one am stoked about the impending weekend.  We have another weekend at home where I plan on putting my feet up, doing a little baking, and probably more online shopping.  The perfect weekend if you ask me!  Here’s what I am loving this week!

  1. There is greek yogurt in these cookies so I am almost positive that makes them healthy.
  2. I am not usually one to sit around and relax on the weekends, but lately it’s a must.  This blanket should pair nicely with my tufted ottoman I am currently using to prop up my feet and my fuzzy slippers!
  3. So, maybe you all have some advice here, but I feel like my phone has literally no storage space.  Right now there are around 30 pictures on it and it is taking up half the space.  I have to clear it out weekly–who knows how often I will have to clear it out once baby arrives.   Definitely going to need a cute flash drive!  Although, we have found that that this baby is already like their father because as soon as I try to film the kicks, they suddenly cease.  Camera goes off; you know the drill.  Cute, but frustrating.
  4. This week my mantra has been breathe.  Between seriously bruised and swollen ankles and a little trouble sleeping with my growing belly, we have also been on our first maternity tour and going on our second tonight.  Let me just say, I cried four  times at the first hospital.  I think it should be a rule that they cannot take expectant mothers by the nursery.  Every single one of us was crying.  It makes it all feel so real.  But in all honesty, despite that I now have to plan my outfits around a maternity girdle and compression hose, this little nugget brings me so much joy already.  Annnnnd I am crying again.
  5. Santa, I need this face mask.  And pretty much everything else fresh makes. Thanks!
  6. You guys!  This dry shampoo works.  I know you all may not be the dry shampoo freaks that I am, but I literally never leave the house without it.  I usually opt for the powder, but this spray is heavenly I tell you!
  7. SO to make myself feel better about having to buy a maternity belt, I went ahead and splurged on this purse.  When the large Target box arrived and out spilled all the maternity stuff, even the hubby wasn’t mad about this purchase.  Mama needed a treat too!
  8. Noble Carriage seriously has the cutest stuff.  This adorable teether included.  If you have baby fever, steer clear.
  9. Why, oh why are onesies with sayings on them so stinking cute?!
  10. Again, most of my outfits are designed to hide m’ hose so boots are pretty much all I can wear–usually paired with leggings and a long shirt.  So, I am thinking about splurging on another pair for fall.  What do we think about this option?  I am tempted, but also think I need a pair with a slightly shorter heel?  Thoughts? Suggestions?

I hope you all had an amazing week and have a wonderful weekend!