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 Last year, I stumbled upon these beauties at Nordstrom Rack.  I absolutely could not wear them enough last year.  Now that I have to wear a compression hose/legging combo pretty much everyday–and flats look kinda strange with m’hose sticking out–I would like to invest in another boot option that aren’t my two pairs of Hunters.  I love my rain boots, but if it’s not raining, they also don’t make a lot of sense.  SO:  this is where you all come in!  Here are some options I am considering…I need your help picking!

  1. These black boots seem really practical.  Low heel and would pretty much go with anything.  I feel like a large person most days with the belly so I am thinking I should go with a low heel to avoid being any “bigger”, but also feel just from a comfort standpoint these would do nicely!
  2. Ok so I understand that these look a lot like the ones I already have.  BUT they have a much lower heel and I love the ones I have oh so much?
  3. These are my more expensive option, but they look really durable and super fall-y!
  4. I like these for a couple of reasons; low heel, buckle, and would match everything.
  5. This boot has a lot going for it right now.  The price could not be better at $40–plus all clothing and shoes are buy one get one 50% off this week–and I am pretty sure I could find a second thing.  They also have a low heel and seem super practical–and they are nothing like the boots I already own.
  6. These are really on the list simply because I think they are darling.  They kinda look  like what I already have and the heel is pretty tall too.  Maybe next year?

So what do you all think?  Are there some other options out there that you love that I missed?  Please share!  Things are getting desperate!!

Hope you all have an excellent weekend!