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Happy Friday, friends!! I have a quick moment this afternoon because the little one went down for a nap IN HER CRIB!  Baby girl sleeps pretty great at night, but LOVES to be awake/held/in her rocker during the day which means I am sleeping, but productivity during the day is nil.  So let’s get to it: here’s what I am loving this week!

  1. Eleanor’s nursery gotta a little girly update from her Aunt Nennie, who gave her this Oh Joy print from Target.  The whole collection is amazing and it isn’t in any of our Targets!  Auntie to the rescue!
  2. This hat is in the girls’ department, but maybe it will fit me?  I LOVE the color!
  3. Why oh why is this doll sold out?!  I hope it comes back in stock in time for E’s Easter basket!
  4. I have been wanting this vase forever, it’s about time it made it into one of these little roundups!
  5. I treated myself to this bangle and the mom bangle  while out shopping solo the other weekend.  I love having reminders of my sweet girl with me all day–this will be especially important when I return to work in a few weeks!
  6. I need these shoes.
  7. When Matt gets home, he gets his Eleanor and daddy time and mommy heads off to take a shower.  Feels like a trip to the spa with a quick face mask and fancy shower gel!
  8. Speaking of spas…this mama could use a work up.  Hair, nails, and a reminder about how to wear makeup.  Pretty much all I wear is chapstick and when I am feeling fancy, a quick swipe of lip color.  Gotta get back in the groove!

Hope you all have a great weekend!