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Good morning!!  Well, baby girl is officially full term!! We decided to head out to dinner to celebrate at Kona Grill both that baby girl is healthy, but also that this could be our very last dinner out as a party of three!  Crazy!!

We whooped it up and ordered the calamari appetizer which we got for free for signing up for the Konavore program!  For dinner, I got the pad thai and Matt got the swordfish with brussel sprouts and a handcrafted old fashioned.  Matt was obviously the healthy eater of the evening as Eleanor went with grilled cheese, mac and cheese, and fries (Ok, I ordered it–I just wanted all of it).  These dishes were so good and go beyond the traditional sushi menu which was great for me since I can’t have it for three more weeks!  And they have over 40 different sauces that you can mix and match to create your perfect dish!  Gotta love options!

Kona also seriously has the best dining out ambiance with pretty much every option for experience you could imagine with an outdoor patio, indoor bar, sushi bar, and regular table seating.  PLUS, they have a fish tank that at least kept my little entertained!  They also had tons of stuff (markers, wax sticks, etc..) to keep her busy at the table!  Very much appreciated by all.

To find a location near you and get signed up to receive a free appetizer, just head here!

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend and to all the mamas out there–HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!  You are amazing.


*This post was sponsored by Kona Grill, but all opinion, as always, are my own!