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Good morning!!  We are officially under two weeks away from baby!!  The bag is packed and next to the door just in case.  I went full term with E, but ya never know!  Here are some of the essentials we are packin’:

Fawn Design Backpack and Weekender (similar)
A Nice Camera and your phone/cord
Nursing Pillow (Cover) So many purposes.  Sleeping, comfort, etc…

A New Robe
  A Couple of Nightgowns
Loose fitting tees/shirts
Slippers (similar) especially for trips to the bathroom
Flip Flops for shower
Socks (similar) I was freezing so I really liked having these during delivery
Stuff for Hubby

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps
Face Wipes
Dry Shampoo
Hair Ties
Blush and Brush
Lip Treatment

For Baby
Onesie they will provide you with everything for baby (including diapers and wipes) in the hospital, but we liked to have a few meaningful things to put on her for pictures and for taking her home!
Swaddle same goes here!

Journal (similar)/Pen  Matt kept a log of the delivery and it’s pretty much the sweetest thing ever.  So glad we have it–it was really fun to read at her first birthday!
Baby Book to put the footprint/handprint in!
I am going to bring a blanket of Eleanor’s because I just feel like I am going to miss her while I’m at the hospital (especially during delivery) and it will help me to feel like both of my babies are with me.
Snacks.  You can’t have them while you labor, but you can have them as soon as you get to your new room.  I remember looking forward to my snacks while I was laboring.  I packed the big box this time.
Last time we also brought movies–it was Christmas time so we brought lots of our favorites…it helped to have some background noise.
Extra Bags to take home things from the hospital that they give you! And do take it all!

Anything else you all would recommend??

Hope you all have a great day!  Stay tuned tomorrow for another local adventure and giveaway!!