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Claire is four months!  I actually took these photos only about 4 days late, but this post is almost two weeks late.   Sorry about that Claire!  We are in the middle of an intense sleep regression/teething situation.  She’s never been a great napper/sleeper, but this is really putting that into a whole new perspective.  She really really really loves her mama and is pretty much only calm in my arms.  She also loves to lay in a warm bath, watch her sissy, and has just recently started loving grabbing for objects.  She has rolled from front to back and is almost rolling from back to front.

She is still taking gripe water in her bottles which has really helped up until this little regression we are going through.  But let me tell you, those big ol’ smiles she flashes make it all worth it.

We love you, Claire!
…and here’s E at four months!