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Well, this is just about in time for her to turn 6 months, but better late than never right?  I seriously cannot believe that she is almost halfway to a year.  We have mostly got this little chickadee figured out.  It only involves a steady regimen of gripe water, acid reflux meds, gas drops, soy formula, and lots of bouncing and cuddles.  BUT this month we started solids (we got the ok from the pediatrician to start early!) and it is really the only thing that seems to settle her with any real consistency.  YAY!!!  She loves peas, corn, and green beans!  She has also started sitting upright on her own which has helped with the acid reflux I think!  She now sleeps from about 7:30 (we lay her down awake) until about 3.  She eats and then goes back to sleep until we have to wake her around 6.  This is a drastic and I mean DRASTIC improvement from the last four months.  We’re talking up every 20 minutes or less all night long for about 4 weeks in a row.

All the lack of sleep aside, this girly is the best cuddler ever.  Some nights believe it or not, I would jump out of bed because I couldn’t wait to cuddle her.  She calmed almost immediately when I went in to get her.  Her and I have super bonded and I pretty much live to see her one little cheek dimple.

She plays and is pretty independent now that she sits up.  She loves to watch her big sister and will let you know pretty much immediately when she is happy or mad.

Claire, you keep us busy, but boy we wouldn’t have it any other way!
We love you!
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