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Good morning!  Wanted to hop on this week to share with you a fun little local spot that we kind of just happened upon last weekend!  I’ve been to Scioto Audubon with my middle school students on a field trip (which they loved!), but I got a new perspective going with toddlers!

We were there for almost two hours and could have stayed for much longer!  Things for toddlers outside: trails, playground with music player (can be used as a coordinated dance things for older kids), gardens, and ponds.  But the great thing for this summer is the indoor activities at their nature center!  Every Thursday and Saturday at 10 they have a storytime, followed by a little showing of the turtles and snakes.  For older kids, you can bring your own equipment for the rock climbing wall or head down to the obstacle course.  They also have a water tower that you can go up and overlook the park!

This was also one of the mannnnnnny times we have been immensely thankful for our Double Stroller (which I did a full review of here, but had no idea how much we would use and how many comments we get about it!)  It is just perfect for zipping around–double strollers can get bulky and overwhelming, but this one is slim and can fit on trails without being obnoxious.

What should we do next?!  We have two weekends of stuff planned, but we have the whole summer ahead and are looking for ideas!!  I LOVE SUMMER!!

Hope you all have a great week!