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IMG_5031IMG_5024IMG_5063IMG_5052IMG_5078IMG_5090IMG_5096Good morning!!  Happy Monday, friends!  Spring break is officially over for these gals, but we definitely made the most of our time together.  I realized they were the last days I will have off before baby arrives as I am due the week we get out of school.  There is definitely a bittersweet feeling with that realization.  We are so excited and SO ready to meet our new little baby girl, but with that also comes the worry about our #1 and what it will all mean for her.  So, I really tried to soak up the mommy/daughter time.  With the exception of a two hour hair appointment, we were out and about town together everyday!
Pretty soon we are going to need the double stroller to do all the fun things E and I have been able to do.  It’ll be summer time when this babe is born as opposed to December like E so there will definitely be a need for a double stroller ASAP.  phil&teds contacted me to see if I wanted to try their Dot Stroller with double attachment and I jumped on it!  We have loved her poppy highchair.  The products they make are really high quality and have a little bit more style to them so they aren’t such an eyesore.

We tried it out this week as just the single and it was really simple to pop her in and out of…especially at the zoo when we did it a thousand times between animals.  The rail on the front is really nice for her to grab onto and pull herself up a bit.  I did find that the actual seat sits up higher too so she can see better.  Eleanor doesn’t want to sit for long in our other stroller because I don’t think it sits up high enough for her liking.  She was really content in this seat the entire time we were at the mall and while we were at the zoo, she even crossed her little feet at the bottom footrest.  Swoon.

I am excited to put on the double attachment and get that part figured out!  Post will be coming soon on that!  When we were thinking about double strollers, we mostly thought about size–this is a really compact version of a double stroller which will make it nice for when I just take the girls places because those doublewides are SERIOUS.  Not sure I’m ready to wield something like that by myself.

What features do you look for in strollers?  Good features? Bad features?

Hope you all have a great start to the week!

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*This post was sponsored by phil&teds, but all opinions, as always, are my own!